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Tuesday 04 Dec. 2020: General Meeting Maple Grove United Church

Doors open 11:00 am - Lunch 12:00 Noon - Meeting 12:45 pm.

New Events  Flyers available at the meeting.

Wednesday 06 May 2020: Join us for a nice outing to Theatre Orangeville.

Four new Canadians from around the globe sign up for a weekly “Learn to Curl” class. Trouble is, their reluctant coach has some strong opinions about immigrants. What follows is the hilarious and inspiring story of a group of unlikely athletes who face off against local prejudice to become a true team.                                                                                 Click Poster for Details

Thursday 28 May 2020:    A Special Tribute to Pauline Baxter Moore.

For many years our club has enjoyed numerous outings and our Annual Christmas Luncheon at greatly reduced rates. It is thanks to the late Pauline Baxter who so enjoyed being a member of the Telephone Pioneers that she left in her will a legacy for members to continue to enjoy that fellowship. Sadly we will lose that legacy as of June 30th, 2020.

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PLEASE MAKE NOTE: Don't get left behind. If you are delayed on the morning before departure for an event  Marie Walker will have her cell phone on. Call and let us know that you are still on your way. The cell # is 905-483-9309

Hearing Aid Devices are available at most theatres.

PLEASE NOTE: Members who require transportation to any event are asked to call the coordinator for the event or any member of the programme committee. Members telephone numbers are not posted on this web site. It is recommended that you pick up one of our Event Flyers and keep it handy as the telephone numbers are listed.

IMPORTANT When you make a reservation for an event, please send a cheque payable to TCV OAKVILLE CLUB  P.O. Box 52047, Oakville ON L6J 7N5 (note: no post dated cheques, please)

NOTE: If we do not have your cheque 2 weeks before an event, you will be replaced by the waiting list.

REFUNDS will only be made if you notify the Program Committee at least two weeks prior to the event. This includes the Christmas Luncheon and Annual B.B.Q. Late cancellations can not be accepted  as the Club is committed to pay for the event.

!!! IMPORTANT NOTICE: !!! Due to recent Federal law, non profit organizations are required to collect a membership fee.

 Clubhouse Activities

CRAFTERS WHO CARE meet at the Balsam clubhouse every Wednesday from 1:00 - 3:00 P.M.  Contact Bea Medland or Giselle Dunn

EUCHRE is played at the Balsam clubhouse every Thursday from 2:00 - 4:00 P.M. For more information contact Gerry Keay. Come out and play. ALL ARE WELCOME.

We continue to collect for charities: Pull tops from Pop Cans.

Past Events